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clear pvc flap wallet
self adhesive business card holder

Clear Pvc Wallets

We make a wide array of clear Pvc wallets in a variety of shapes and sizes used for holding documentation of all different types from conference, motor and trade, educational, office etc etc.

As with all our wallets they can be left open on one or more sides or have many different closing mechanisms including zips and velcro buttons or strips.

Coloured Pvc Wallets

Coloured Pvc wallets include Credit Union Wallets and Passbook holders, Credit card holders, Golf Card Holders, Lotto, Bingo, Reciepts and Drivers Licenses to name a few.

Self Adhesive Pvc Wallets

Self Adhesive Wallets can be made in Clear Pvc or with different coloured Pvcs.

We use a strong sticky back on all our self adhesive wallets. They have many different uses as they can stick to so many different surfaces.

Commonly used as an add on in Pvc or card Folders, they can also be used for documentation on parcels sent through the post, Service Reminder stickers in cars, window Stickers and much more.

As with virtually all of our product line in Liffey Plastics Ltd, all of our wallets can be made in different sizes, customized with different print finishes and made to your exact specifications.

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