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Pvc colour swatches
4 ring mechanisms
2 ring mechanisms
lever arch mechanism

We stock and can source Plastics and a large selection of materials to meet your needs. Plastics come in so many formats that it can suit the most diverse needs.

An incredibly versatile product in a large range of colours and strength. These styles include:

  1. Plain  - 300 micron in many different colours
  2. Clear - 140 - 300 micron in clear polished and pinseal
  3. Two Tone - Looks like leather 350 micron in 6 colours
  4. Expanded - Looks like leather 1200 micron with a luxurious padded feel in 10 colours

Fast becoming a product of first choice, an excellent choice for promotional and conference products.

  1. 500, 800 and 1200 Micron
  2. 20 solid and translucent colours
  3. UV Resistant
  4. Complete water front resistant
  5. Very high impact strength
  6. Naturally self hinging
  7. Crack resistant

We supply a vast array of rings and clips for Binders and Clipboards including:  

  1. 2, 3, and 4 ring
  2. In D or Round Ring formats
  3. Lever arch is available too as are
  4. Compressor bars (no need to hole punch paper)

Finishing Products

  1. Metal Corners - protect and improve appearance
  2. CD Buttons - simple but effective way to store a CD
  3. Rivets - in shades to match your colour scheme


  • Solid Shades
  • Translucent Shades
  • Patterned
  • Leather like

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