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Eco Friendly Ring Binders

Here at Liffey Plastics Ltd we are committed to leaving the smallest possible commercial footprint on the environment.

We would like to let our customers know that ALL our folders are made out of 100% Recyclable Pvc and board and we also recycle all our cardboard and Pvc waste so it can be used again across different industries.

However we are delighted to also offer 2 new Eco Friendly Options for Ring Binders:

Option 1) Paper Over board

Paper over board folders can be made from partially recycled printed Card or from 100% recycled  Natural Brown Kraft Paper and Board ,  very strong and durable. For those who like to go the extra mile when it comes to looking after the earth

Option 2)

100% Recylced Pvc Folders (Black Pvc only at this time)


Did you know......

PVC can be recycled repeatedly up to 8 times depending on the application, because the recycling process does not measurably decrease the chain length of PVC molecules. The European industry has been working very hard to boost collection of PVC waste and to optimise recycling technologies. The goal is to minimise waste and energy use while boosting the percentage of recyclate in new products.

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